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Word-Up Challenges with My 1st Coach

Celebrate Coaches Day with your family by taking part in our fun Word-Up Challenges!

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Design a F.U.N Game for Your Kids

Do you struggle to keep your kids engaged in activities? Here are 3 simple steps to make sure all activities are FUN!

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Dad & Bub Workout

What better way to bond than to exercise together!

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Do the Sit Less Move More Fun Dance

Get your kids moving with this fun dance that doubles up as a workout! Simply watch the video to follow the steps...

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Dad Coupons

Make your own customised coupons as personalised gifts for Dad, or for anyone else in the family!

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My Active Chart

Set a goal for physical activities for the week and create your own personal "My Active Chart"!

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Activity Jar

Use this fun and creative initiative to encourage everyone in the family to reduce screen time and spend quality...

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