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Playing Sport With Our Kids - To or Not To?

Parents would hardly argue about the need for kids to engage in sport activities, as a crucial part of their...

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The Busy Parent: Hectic Schedules VS Keeping Our Kids Active

Few of us have the luxury of being stay-home parents. We probably yearn for more family (and me) time than we get...

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Helping Sport Coaches to Help our Kids

The term pedagogical leadership sounds a mouthful for what is essentially teachers optimizing our kids’ learning....

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Can Parents Be Coaches to Kids?

As parents, we know how important physical activity is for our children, particularly in their early development.

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Top 5 Children's Day Movies

Watching a movie with your family is always a great way to wind down. This Children’s Day, we’ve curated a list of...

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Top 5 Coach Movies

This Coaches Day, we have rounded up some of the most inspirational sport movies for you to watch with your family!...

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Father's Day 2020

As Active Parents look back in June, one special occasion that occurred during the month was Father’s Day. We had a...

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How To Ensure a Good Relationship with your Child's Coach

The coach-parent-athlete relationship is like nurturing a plant. Just as a plant requires both sunlight and water to...

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Fatherhood Today

The Asian stereotype paints fathers as the breadwinners and mothers as caregivers for the kids. Baby boomers and Gen...

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Mother's Day 2020

As Active Parents look back in May, one special occasion that occurred during the month was Mother’s Day. We had a...

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