How To Ensure a Good Relationship with your Child's Coach

The coach-parent-athlete relationship is like nurturing a plant. Just as a plant requires both sunlight and water to grow, a child requires both the coach’s and parents’ support to fulfil his or her sporting potential. When both the coach and parents carry out their roles effectively, the young athlete has a higher chance to succeed.

Coach athlete relationship


Coach-Parent Relationship

The expectations and values of parents and coaches can affect how a child experiences their sport. A positive coach-parent relationship will ensure the child has the best chance to develop optimally in their sport.

Here are some quick tips for better communication between parents and coach:

Coach parent relationship 2


Adapted from:

NYSI / Youth Sport Parent Handbook


If you have some questions you would like to ask coaches, look out for our upcoming “Hey Coach!” series, where parents will have the chance to ask our representative ActiveSG Academies & Clubs’ coaches questions to support you better in the role of a parent in your child’s sporting journey!

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