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An Active Parents Series with ActiveSG Academies & Clubs


Our Coaches are coming to the forefront to answer parents' questions - anything and everything about how we can better support children in their sporting journey!


Coaches and parents both play important roles in a child's sporting journey. Read here to find out more about how we can help our children pursue their sporting interests and reach their fullest potentials by playing our roles and supporting one another.


Through the Hey Coach! series, the coaches hope to answer parents' questions and also share their own thoughts and journeys across various topics that may be of interest. 


So join us and listen in on our coaches' sharing, or better still - ask a question of your own!




Who are the Coaches?


Meet the 1st group of Coaches who will be answering your questions in Season 1 of this series!


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When are the Episodes & when can I ask Questions?


This is the full schedule of Season 1 episodes:


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Where can I ask Questions?


We will release the topic for each episode according to the dates above (when the platform for parents to ask questions opens!). Find out more below!


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Episode 1

All about Firsts



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