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Celebrating Active Parents - Feature Series


Since we started the Active Parents movement in Apr 2020, we'd met some of you and your children at the School Holiday Programmes and adored the moments you shared while playing the sport! So we reached out to the Active Parents who are active role models to their children and learnt how else they'd been spending quality family time together.


Most of all, they believe in sport helping their children to balance their academic stresses and grow stronger as individuals. Whether it's with us, ActiveSG Academies and Clubs, or their very own routine of recreational activities and outdoor play, these parents are truly the influencers in their kids' lives to keep fit and happy. 


Check out their Active Parents Journal and you may find a idea or two to help your child maintain a "school-life" balance and create more family fun moments through sport! 


PS. They have some quotable quotes to share and our favourite is, "F.A.I.L - Fall And I Learn" - hope you find some Active Parenting wisdom from this community! 


Click on each thumbnail below to read their journal!



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