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“Active Parenting to me means that I am journeying and participating in sport with my kids, whether it is playing tennis or golf with them, or simply supporting them during their tennis tournament. We are able to enjoy sporting activities and spend quality time together as a family. 

It really is a blessing that we live very close to West Coast Park. During Circuit Breaker, we went to the park for outdoor exercises together, and I was also able to go for my jog.

Out of my four kids, three of them are in the ActiveSG Tennis Academy at Heartbeat@Bedok. It is enjoyable for them, and also for parents to be able to journey through their progress together. We also discuss with the kids what the academy training routine is and how it helps in their development of their tennis skills. I have seen so much improvement in all of them!

Being actively involved in their sporting journeys has definitely helped keep an open communication channel between my kids and myself. This also allows them to feel comfortable enough to come to me for other matters.”


Chen Chee Sing is a father of 4 children, of which three of them are trainees with the ActiveSG Tennis Academy. Chee Sing also enjoys tennis and golf in his free time.

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