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“Any activity we do with our children gives us an opportunity as parents to get to know them better. I believe that in sport, learning about their personality and emotional capacity (learning to be gracious in victory, getting back up after defeat, etc) is way more important than knowing our children's physical abilities. With the ActiveSG Academies and Clubs, my children learnt how to play and how to compete. They have also made friends and learnt how to win and lose as a team. The season-end finale activities and festivities were particularly enjoyable for my children!

As someone who enjoys sport and games, I always find time to play with the kids such as simple ball games, catching and throwing. That was how we stayed active together as a family, and especially during the Circuit Breaker period when we could not spend as much time outside. I also believe that being able to spend time together and learning about my children's personality through the games and sport helps me understand them better, and hopefully, will help me be a better parent. In my humble opinion, seeing my kids have fun, smiling while they play is the most important thing.”                    


Imran Khan is father to three children and enjoys a wide range of sport from football, scuba diving and tennis. He makes sure he sends Omar to all ActiveSG Hockey Academy training sessions at Sengkang Hockey Stadium and spends his time exercising while waiting for the lesson to end.

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