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“Positive morals and values are essential to our family. My belief as an Active Parent is to set aside time and effort to be involved in as many stages of our child’s learning processes and milestones as possible  so we can inculcate positive values in them, and sport is one of the best platforms to achieve this. 

My three kids are currently training with the ActiveSG Athletics Club and we are encouraged to follow our young athletes everywhere so that we can cheer and encourage the kiddos in their events. So, you’ll see the mummies and daddies, or even grandparents, just cheering in excitement at the top of their voices for their little ones. It’s a super fun atmosphere!  

During the Circuit Breaker (CB), we followed the Facebook LIVE workout sessions by athletics coaches. Also, we live by the small park at Woodlands, so we’d bring the kiddos there to cruise on their scooters or bicycles. They also love the simple joy of climbing up the stairs of our block to the highest level. We sometimes play  badminton at the lift landing. With the easing of the CB measures, of course they look forward to athletics training every week. They don’t want to miss training days for anything! On weekends, we enjoy rollerblading, cycling or just playing with bubbles. If there’s a luxury of time, we’d head down to the beach as the whole family loves beach play.  

Our youngest daughter often gets disheartened when running long distances, especially in our very sunny and humid weather, or whenever she has the slightest injury or discomfort. Being physically present at trainings allow us to give encouragement and motivation to her whenever possible. In one of the seasons, her coaches nominated her to receive an award for exemplifying the core values of the club. It certainly was an affirmation of her efforts and perseverance during her challenging moments in training sessions.  

Being involved in our children’s development and learning experiences has given us many opportunities to highlight qualities in sport such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, responsibility and the values goes down the long list. There are times when our children would cry wanting to give up, get frustrated or angry at a person or the given situation, or be either envious or happy with an achievement.

 Each child has differing personalities, strengths and character. And each experience comes with many learning opportunities. We’re thankful that as a family, our ‘minions’ would willingly share their thoughts and feelings with us and that we have been able to guide them in their journey thus far.”


Siti Zulia is a mother of 3 children, and all three of them are enrolled in the ActiveSG Athletics Club. She enjoys running and aerobics in her free time.

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