Active Parent Imran - Hockey Academy

“Any activity we do with our children gives us an opportunity as parents to get to know them better. I believe that...

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Active Parent Joey – Water Polo Academy

“When Gabriel was 6 and playing at a playground, he was bullied by some older children and one of them even hit...

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Active Parent Rudie – Martial Arts Club

“Circuit Breaker (CB) was a great platform for our family bonding. We bought board games such as Monopoly and UNO,...

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Active Parent Raphael - Athletics Club

“As a parent, I am most happy to spend quality time with my children and to create many memories with them. My wife...

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Active Parent Ajay - Hockey Academy

“Family time is precious and many of us would have enjoyed more of it during the Circuit Breaker period when we...

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Active Parent May - Canoe Academy

“Children have different needs for space from one another, as well as from me. While my husband and I always try to...

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Raising Independent Children


“Making it to the top of a discipline is realistic if you put in enough passion,...

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Parenthood - The Gift of Being our Kid's First Coaches


To say that parents are every child’s first coach and role model in life is hardly an understatement. During...

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Sport Through Our Children's Lens


We speak to three kids who are participants of ActiveSG sport academies. Find out how they ignited their...

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A Super Dad to 303 kids

Written by Gary Yang

Danny Ong, 44, is happily married to Christine, his wife whom he met while studying at...

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