Pillars of Their Strength

Parents are often the unsung heroes behind successful young athletes- and the folks of Kimberly and Johnathan Chan are no exception. Their constant support gives strength to our two Singaporean national divers.

Foo Yan Nuen and Kenneth Chan have been the constant pillars in the sporting journeys of their children Kimberly and Johnathan, who are both divers in Team Singapore.

The Chans schedule their lives around their children’s training and competitions. They tirelessly pick them up from training sessions six days a week. They plan their business trips such that at least one parents is available to do so. Longer getaways are now rare, as the children’s training camps coincide with the year-end school holidays. Instead, the family squeeze in some sightseeing when they tag along with the children to overseas competitions.

The parents have also created a positive motivational climate. “We don’t need them to score straight As and do well in their sports at the same time,” remarks Yan Nuen, 50. “They just have to try their best”.

These realistic expectations take much pressure off the divers, allowing them to set and work towards their own goals. But if the athletes ever waver on their chosen path, their parents are the first ones to sort it out. “I’ll remind them: “You’ve come so far and invested all this time; what is the goal you’re gunning for?” says Yan Nuen.

"No matter what choices we make, our parents will support is," says Johnathan. "It feels great to have them always behind us"

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